We don't know who discovered water but we know it wasn't a fish.

We don't know who discovered water but we know it wasn't a fish.

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Kesher is a law firm that specializes in crisis management and providing strategic EU law and policy advice. With almost 15 years of experience at one of the world's leading law firms, our founder has brought his expertise to this new venture with a commitment to innovation and lateral thinking.

We serve multinational companies, NGOs, and embassies across the European Union, and our focus is on selling solutions rather than time. Our pricing model is based on long-term partnerships and targeted interventions, never on hourly rates.

We are committed to providing strategic EU law and policy advice and mitigating risks for our clients, all while keeping their best interests at the forefront. At Kesher, we are dedicated to building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we believe that this is the key to our success.


we value solutions over time

Kesher provides a range of innovative and cost-effective legal services for clients seeking assistance with European Union (EU) law and policy matters. With a focus on flexibility and collaboration, Kesher offers a variety of services and pricing models to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Kesher Partnerships

For clients seeking long-term advice and guidance, Kesher offers its “Partnership” service. Think of us as an external counsel on retainer for EU law and policy advice. The Partnership service features a fixed monthly or quarterly fee that covers the entire duration of the collaboration, ensuring that clients have access to the best possible legal advice without any surprises along the way. All incentives are aligned to provide the best legal advice efficiently.

Kesher Interventions

For clients with specific projects that need to be resolved within a short period of time, Kesher’s Intervention service offers a fixed fee based on the value that the firm can provide. Clients can be confident that they will receive the best EU law and policy advice, with no surprises along the way. All incentives are aligned to provide the best legal advice efficiently.

Kesher Red Team
Kesher’s red team service provides an impartial and independent assessment of clients’ legal strategies and arguments in the context of EU law and policy matters with high stakes. The service aims to correct any biases or blind spots in clients’ or their counsel’s approach, leading to improved chances of success. Investing in Kesher’s red team service represents only a fraction of the total case costs but can bring invaluable impact and make a significant difference in the outcome.
Kesher Anywhere
Kesher Anywhere offers a highly personalized and efficient solution for sourcing the best legal solutions, whether in terms of individual lawyers or legal tech. Our service is a recommendation service, built on our 15 years of experience working with lawyers worldwide and identifying the best legal processes. Currently, the Kesher Anywhere service is available for the following areas of law: trade, competition, compliance, privacy, corporate, human rights, and non-profit. Choose Kesher Anywhere for a trusted and personalized legal support network.
Kesher Co-Counsel - Exclusively for Law Firms

Kesher provides services for law firms looking to partner on projects requiring additional expertise, unique pricing models, or innovative services. As an independent firm, Kesher can provide flexibility and a fresh perspective to support the changing needs of clients. The firm is committed to delivering the best possible legal solutions collaboratively with big law firms, without the need to incur the costs of hiring senior attorneys. For any further information about our services for law firms, please contact us.

Our Professionals

To understand is to perceive patterns

Kesher relies on an established and growing team of lawyers and policy advisors, carefully selected, on a case-by-case basis, to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Every single person we select already has extensive experience dealing with the most complex issues, which often require the ability to juggle between different areas of law and policy objectives.

Our lawyers and consultants know the most sophisticated boardrooms, both in business and charitable organizations. They also have direct experience of political bodies and decision-making procedures throughout the European Union and on the international stage.

They are able not only to provide stellar legal advice with humbling work ethics, but may also complement their advice with access to and networks in governments, parliaments and administrations across the European Union.

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Our Experience

Too big, too complex and too fleeting for direct acquaintance.

Kesher has been serving a diverse range of clients from various industries and sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, technology and finance.

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